1st week of homeschooling done!

school-2596090_640Well, that is technically one week of schooling done. It has been strange, wonderful and stressful for everyone involved. As you know, I work as a teaching assistant in a primary school however, I am still nervous about homeschooling my two boys. 

I tried making my own timetable in preparation for the coming weeks but honestly, it was a complete shambles. I over filled it, it was messy, no consistency and above all it frightened me. That’s how I knew I had made a bad plan and I couldn’t bring that to my kids. If I was scared what would my boys feel? Thankfully, the school that my children attend had sent home a timetable for their year group. I have chosen to follow that instead, with a few tweaks here and there that suit us as a family.

Their needs are vastly different and that is why it can be difficult. Both are full of energy so we can’t sit down and do anything until they have had some exercise. Our day begins with walking the dog at around 8 am, then joining Jo Wickes for P.E. then and only then, can we sit down at the table and do some work.

IMG_20200326_141821_resized_20200328_095424438As I have said in a previous post, my eldest declared after only one day of ‘lessons’ that he hates it and wants to go back to school. I can thankfully say that by Friday he was beginning to enjoy himself a little more. He still complained but not much, so that is a win a for me. My youngest on the other hand, has loved lesson time but he often wants to talk to me about other things and he can completely distract us with his lively conversation. So with him, I have had to keep boundaries like in school and say, “Thank you Sam for sharing that but we need to concentrate. You can tell me all about it at break.” He smiles and replies “ok” and tells me all about it at break.

It is now Saturday morning, I am thankful that all though this week has been strange it also has been a good week. We have spent some quality time together outside of “school hours.” We have had games night on Thursday which we haven’t had in a while. We have read together, played in the garden, walked the dog and laughed together. My partner has been cooking and baking with them, we have started a gardening project of growing vegetables and because my mum has been (unintentionally) quarantined with us, she has helped us and also provided some Portuguese lessons so the kids get a break from me too.

I am fully aware that this is only week one. But it has been nice to see my children and get to know them a little more. I may be singing another tune next week.

This is what I have found useful during this week:

PurpleMash– great for all your curriculum needs. Usually you have to pay but they are offering free access for 6 weeks.

Board games-  dusted off some those forgotten ones buried deep in the back of beyond. They have been great to do things in a fun way.

Lego– I am now so grateful for seeing a sea of lego on my floor. It means that they are being creative that doesn’t involve a screen. (I also do make them pick up every last one.)

Let me know how it has been for you, we are all in this together!

Image by simisi1 from Pixabay

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