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  • A tribute to my mother.

    A tribute to my mother.

    To truly celebrate Black History Month, there is one person I must bring to the forefront, my mother.View post to subscribe to site newsletter.

  • Celebrating Black History Month

    Celebrating Black History Month

    Learning and celebrating Black History at Home.View post to subscribe to site newsletter.

  • Growing up.

    Growing up.

    Doing up my children’s room has been a great way to acknowledge that my children are getting older. Have a look at what I did to their room!

  • Learning to be brave.

    Learning to be brave.

    Learning to be brave is a process, find out how I was a reminded of this during a family walk.

  • Prayer Diary no.2

    Prayer Diary no.2

    Next installment of my Prayer Diary series, exploring what it means to walk with Jesus.

  • Photo album

    Photo album

    A collection of memories over the last few months, a closer look at family life.

  • Home grown goodies.

    Home grown goodies.

    Our journey as first time growers!

  • Hope.


    Last week, I returned to work and during that time we have prepared for when the school partially re-opens. I am not going to lie, it was one strange, hard week. Everything is upside down and the new systems in place to ensure social distancing is comepletely alien to how schools actually function. I am…

  • Encouragement.


    As tears rolled down my face on Monday night, I had come to the end of myself. Homeschooling, the reality of isolation, tantrums from a 6 year old, my 8 year old acting like a surly teenager and a disagreement with my partner had left me feeling…empty. Empty and sad. I knew this wasn’t going…

  • Love.


    We have never known an Easter like this. An Easter where we cannot gather together physically or have friends over to our home to celebrate this time of year. There is real fear and anxiety over the corona virus and its long term impact. We are all in the same situation but are facing different…