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  • Official break

    Official break

    I am going straight to the point: I am taking an official break. Find out why!

  • Celebrating Black History Month

    Celebrating Black History Month

    Learning and celebrating Black History at Home.

  • I am Pharaoh

    I am Pharaoh

    A short play based on Queen Cleopatra, the myth and legend.

  • Facebook challenge (it’s not what you think, part 3)

    Facebook challenge (it’s not what you think, part 3)

    Recommended reads for children and adults 10 years +

  • This is it.

    This is it.

    This is it. Who will we become after this event in history?

  • Rediscovery


    During this period of lock-down, it is more important than ever to look after our mental health; and of course this is different for each person. To take the time to really know where you are mentally and emotionally can be in and of itself a roller-coaster. Taking each day as it comes, maybe even […]

  • The white butterfly.

    The white butterfly.

    A short story on loss, written for a writing group a couple of years ago.

  • Encouragement.


    As tears rolled down my face on Monday night, I had come to the end of myself. Homeschooling, the reality of isolation, tantrums from a 6 year old, my 8 year old acting like a surly teenager and a disagreement with my partner had left me feeling…empty. Empty and sad. I knew this wasn’t going […]

  • Facebook challenge (it’s not what you think, part 2)

    Facebook challenge (it’s not what you think, part 2)

    As I have previously stated in an earlier post, I am reviewing the recommended reads for year 6 at the school that I work in. It has been an absolute joy to discover these gems and to be challenged in my own reading. Just in case you haven’t read the previous post, the Facebook challenge […]

  • Love.


    We have never known an Easter like this. An Easter where we cannot gather together physically or have friends over to our home to celebrate this time of year. There is real fear and anxiety over the corona virus and its long term impact. We are all in the same situation but are facing different […]