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  • Rediscovery


    During this period of lock-down, it is more important than ever to look after our mental health; and of course this is different for each person. To take the time to really know where you are mentally and emotionally can be in and of itself a roller-coaster. Taking each day as it comes, maybe even […]

  • Facebook challenge (it’s not what you think, part 1)

    Facebook challenge (it’s not what you think, part 1)

    As you know, I work as a teaching assistant in a local primary school. Specifically, year 6, the SATs year. It was a big year for these 10/11 year olds as we prepared them for taking their tests, as well as getting them ready for moving up to secondary school. It could be high pressured […]

  • 1st week of homeschooling done!

    1st week of homeschooling done!

    Well, that is technically one week of schooling done. It has been strange, wonderful and stressful for everyone involved. As you know, I work as a teaching assistant in a primary school however, I am still nervous about homeschooling my two boys.  I tried making my own timetable in preparation for the coming weeks but honestly, […]

  • Finding my forever name.

    Finding my forever name.

    What a long a long and winding road, it is to be a writer. First, there is the whole being creative and maintaining it conundrum. Then there is the ‘taking yourself seriously and believing in yourself’ trial. Next is the ‘trying new approaches’  phase. It goes without saying that every dream is not without it’s […]

  • An Illustrated Advent Wreath: Product Review

    An Illustrated Advent Wreath: Product Review

    I know that Christmas has come and gone and we are in the throws of the New Year, but I just wanted to say thank you to Illustrated Ministry for an amazing product. Just before December, I started looking for ideas about what we could do to celebrate advent as a family and bring Jesus […]

  • The beauty of a park bench.

    The beauty of a park bench.

    As I was walking through the park one summer’s evening with my family and puppy, something caught my eye. It was this bench. Nothing out of the ordinary right? Take a closer look. The only reason I saw it was because I had stopped for a moment with Ben to chat and the dappled evening […]

  • Characters.


    How do characters come to you? Sometimes it’s a name and a flourish of information comes with it. Like how they look, their distinct character, angry, brash, shy, quiet or even the connection to the story. Sometimes, it’s a face, why they are sad, happy, confused or terrified. Other times, I have to dig for […]

  • Recap.


    So much has happened in such little time. I did not believe my mother when she told me that as you get older, time begins to slip through  your fingers and when you have kids, the years are so much shorter. Time flies, as they say. Still, I can happily say, that I have begun […]

  • The art of storytelling.

    The art of storytelling.

    I am in the middle of editing and re-writing my story. There have been a couple of moments where I wanted to cry, to pull my hair out or just completely delete the story. What stops me is the fact that my story is no longer in me, it is living and breathing on the […]

  • A much needed break.

    A much needed break.

    When we were preparing to move God told me something. That this year would be my year of rest. With everything going on, packing, moving, living temporarily in caravan, battling solicitors to speed up the purchase of our new home, finally getting into that home, getting the children into new schools, my partner starting his new […]