I did it.

I can officially tick something off my bucket list. I have finished my story and I have sent off my manuscript to a few publishers now.

I try not to think about it, but honestly I think about it constantly and I am checking my email hourly.

There have been a few rejections and I am not going to lie, they hurt. But…they have sparked a fire in me. This particular story may not be the one that gets me published, but I am glad that I have pushed past the anxiety, and fear of failure and rejection to just put it out there. That’s the hardest bit, letting others see the work that I have literally been doing for years. A story that came to me as a teen, has seen me through uni, two children, two houses a mortgage and everything that comes with daily life.

I am proud of myself.

That I did not let my passion run dry or fall by the wayside; and that in itself is a a badge of honour I can wear with pride. I love writing, I always have and always will. If that eventually turns into a career, amazing! However, if it does not…well I hope that I know that my life is fulfilled in so many others ways to know that that’s ok too.

Obviously, easier said than done. But I will continue to write.

There are few new ideas kicking around already, with the help of pinterest and the amazing art available, it’s hard not to get excited about a new stories.

But this one will always be very close to my heart, I think. It’s about a weak king who fights to win his kingdom back from the very people who should be be there for him. There is also his kick-ass Mahalian Queen called Kamari and her deadly handmaidens! Can you tell that they are my favourite characters?

Essentially, it is a story about power, who holds it and who doesn’t. But it is also about love and how that can bloom unexpectedly and can change everything. What surprised me most when writing this, was how long it had become. I have done the harsh editing and cutting out of many beloved scenes and still its long, but it feels complete. Obviously I know that there are things to work on and things to change, but I am happy with it.

The feeling of accomplishing something you have had your heart set on for years is something I will never forget. No matter what, I will always look at this story and feel pride.

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Photo by Sara Miccichè on Unsplash

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