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Late post about the end of last year and the coming one. Let's encourage one another to stay hopeful!

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Finding my forever name.

What a long a long and winding road, it is to be a writer. First, there is the whole being creative and maintaining it conundrum. Then there is the ‘taking yourself seriously and believing in yourself’ trial. Next is the ‘trying new approaches’  phase. It goes without saying that every dream is not without it’s…

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Writer’s nerves.

It has been a while since I have thought about my blog. Actually, that isn’t true. I have thought it about it quite a lot. The problem has been, what to do, what to write and honestly, if I want to. I have taken a lengthy break from this blog, to gather my thoughts. If…

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I did it.

I can officially tick something off my bucket list. I have finished my story and I have sent off my manuscript to a few publishers now. I try not to think about it, but honestly I think about it constantly and I am checking my email hourly. There have been a few rejections and I…

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