Point of view.

Here are some more poems and a piece that I had written a while ago. It is from my point of view as Black British woman. I do not consider myself that much of a poet, but I thought this would make a nice collection of my thoughts, emotions and experiences. Do let me know what you think, leave a comment and like!

A piece that I had written for a competition a little while ago.

I am home.

He asked me, “Where do you come from?”

I smiled sweetly, “I come from South East London.”

He pressed, “Where does your family originally come from?”

My smile dropped a little, “We come from Angola.”

“Ah!” He nodded knowingly, “West Africa. You are a long way from home aren’t you?”

I turned away from him and pretended I did not hear the words he had just spoken.

I walked away with the words that I wanted to scream lodged in my throat.

I turned away because he was of that generation. The older one that still believe its countries borders are impenetrable and its identity linked to the colour of skin. That yes, I considered it my home, my ancestral home but the world that I knew was here, in England.  I did not have the patience or kindness to re-educate him that both can be true.

I turned away because, it hurt; the assertion that this place that I have been raised in since I was an infant, was not in fact my home.

I turned away because, I was furious and fury unleashed is never a controlled response. I knew the truth. I knew it deep down in my heart and the words that I didn’t say begged to be declared.

I turned away because, I was still afraid to use my voice in such a way.

That day, he taught me something that I will never forget. That my voice is vital.

 What was left unsaid in me has grown. It has transformed and it pours itself out of me as I walk the streets with my head held high. As I do my shopping, got to work and as I raise my children. As I continue to laugh and love. Even as I witness my own country become more hostile to those like me.  

Never again will I remain silent.

And so, to him and to the world I declare: I am home.

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