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  • A tribute to my mother.

    A tribute to my mother.

    To truly celebrate Black History Month, there is one person I must bring to the forefront, my mother.

  • Growing up.

    Growing up.

    Doing up my children’s room has been a great way to acknowledge that my children are getting older. Have a look at what I did to their room!

  • Motherhood so far.

    Motherhood so far.

    This morning, I sent my two little cherubs off to school with their father. Two boys that are now six and four.  Has it been easy? No. Has it been the best time of my life? Yes. You have to understand that I did not want to become a mother, that does not mean I […]

  • My 1st rejection

    My 1st rejection

    I think I have hit a milestone in my writing career, my first rejection email! Now, I have to admit, it hurt. I may have even shed a little tear. However, it was quickly wiped away and my hurt was quickly replaced with a deeper desire to accomplish my goal of being published. I felt […]

  • Mum guilt vs. Dad guilt

    Mum guilt vs. Dad guilt

    My partner and I were discussing when we should do shopping tomorrow, he wanted to go straight after dropping our eldest off to school but I said I can’t go with him until after I had taken our youngest to playgroup in the morning. My youngest son has been asking me in his cutest voice […]

  • The Joy of Birthdays.

    The Joy of Birthdays.

    My eldest child Ben, turned six yesterday and it was amazing. It also happened to be an inset day for his school so we had him for the whole day to celebrate. For the first time we asked him what he would like to do for his birthday, instead of me orchestrating it. It was […]