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  • A tribute to my mother.

    A tribute to my mother.

    To truly celebrate Black History Month, there is one person I must bring to the forefront, my mother.View post to subscribe to site newsletter.

  • Rediscovery


    During this period of lock-down, it is more important than ever to look after our mental health; and of course this is different for each person. To take the time to really know where you are mentally and emotionally can be in and of itself a roller-coaster. Taking each day as it comes, maybe even…

  • Facebook challenge (it’s not what you think, part 2)

    Facebook challenge (it’s not what you think, part 2)

    As I have previously stated in an earlier post, I am reviewing the recommended reads for year 6 at the school that I work in. It has been an absolute joy to discover these gems and to be challenged in my own reading. Just in case you haven’t read the previous post, the Facebook challenge…

  • Facebook challenge (it’s not what you think, part 1)

    Facebook challenge (it’s not what you think, part 1)

    As you know, I work as a teaching assistant in a local primary school. Specifically, year 6, the SATs year. It was a big year for these 10/11 year olds as we prepared them for taking their tests, as well as getting them ready for moving up to secondary school. It could be high pressured…

  • Finding my forever name.

    Finding my forever name.

    What a long a long and winding road, it is to be a writer. First, there is the whole being creative and maintaining it conundrum. Then there is the ‘taking yourself seriously and believing in yourself’ trial. Next is the ‘trying new approaches’  phase. It goes without saying that every dream is not without it’s…

  • The beauty of a park bench.

    The beauty of a park bench.

    As I was walking through the park one summer’s evening with my family and puppy, something caught my eye. It was this bench. Nothing out of the ordinary right? Take a closer look. The only reason I saw it was because I had stopped for a moment with Ben to chat and the dappled evening…

  • How Long ‘Til Black Future Month?

    How Long ‘Til Black Future Month?

    This book literally made me cry. It made me cry as an aspiring writer, because N.K. Jemisin’s writing is just so beautiful. The sheer scale of each short story was breathtaking. Her craft takes you on such a distinctive journey that no one story is the same, or leaves the same impression. It was a…

  • 1st Draft Completed!

    1st Draft Completed!

    I can’t believe it, but I can say that my 1st draft it complete! I also have to say that it also felt…anti-climatic. Not that I expected fireworks or a band to jump out and sing to me. Or even a contract for a book deal to fall mysteriously into my lap. But there was…

  • Characters.


    How do characters come to you? Sometimes it’s a name and a flourish of information comes with it. Like how they look, their distinct character, angry, brash, shy, quiet or even the connection to the story. Sometimes, it’s a face, why they are sad, happy, confused or terrified. Other times, I have to dig for…