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  • God is Good.

    God is Good.

    There are moments in our walk with Jesus, when he just makes things so beautiful that you cannot help but look up to heaven and smile. When your heart is full of joy and there are literally no words to express what is it actually happening in your heart. The moment when all of the […]

  • When I make a mistake.

    When I make a mistake.

    What do you do when you make a mistake? A mistake that you know goes against what God has done for you? When that mistake feels more like a sin, than a oopsie! I feel that my heart is pricked. I feel so ashamed and heavy. If you are wondering what I did, well I […]

  • Motherhood so far.

    Motherhood so far.

    This morning, I sent my two little cherubs off to school with their father. Two boys that are now six and four.  Has it been easy? No. Has it been the best time of my life? Yes. You have to understand that I did not want to become a mother, that does not mean I […]

  • Food.


    My love of cooking developed late. My mother made sure that I could cook as a matter of survival and she was determined that I would learn the basics and I did. She started the lessons when I was about nine I would complain and moan the whole time because I knew that the majority […]

  • Is anyone else confused about Brexit?

    Is anyone else confused about Brexit?

    Right now I am so baffled by the whole process that I have taken a suspicious stance. Anything to do with Brexit makes me do this face. As I am writing this, there is 414 days until we are officially out. Am I scared? A little. It’s not the prospect of nations reordering themselves. Having […]