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Mum guilt vs. Dad guilt

My partner and I were discussing when we should do shopping tomorrow, he wanted to go straight after dropping our eldest off to school but I said I can’t go with him until after I had taken our youngest to playgroup in the morning. My youngest son has been asking me in his cutest voice…

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I love when God brings things together to give a single message, to give a perspective and direction. Today it was to DWELL. When I actually look at the word, it doesn’t look like it should in my eyes. It looks like someone just put a D in front of well, a kind of made…

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It’s scary a thing to stand out from the crowd. To “play it safe” is a kind of death isn’t it? Not to take risks, means lost opportunities. To let fear cripple you, means never to experience life in all its fullness. It doesn’t mean we won’t fail, get burned, or feel disappointment or even…

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