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  • Mum guilt vs. Dad guilt

    Mum guilt vs. Dad guilt

    My partner and I were discussing when we should do shopping tomorrow, he wanted to go straight after dropping our eldest off to school but I said I can’t go with him until after I had taken our youngest to playgroup in the morning. My youngest son has been asking me in his cutest voice […]

  • Testimony.


    As you may already know, I have moved to Hastings recently. I have now joined a church and I am also in a new house group. I have been asked to give my testimony to the group in the next get together. When I was asked, I have to admit that my heart did a […]



    I love when God brings things together to give a single message, to give a perspective and direction. Today it was to DWELL. When I actually look at the word, it doesn’t look like it should in my eyes. It looks like someone just put a D in front of well, a kind of made […]

  • 1st draft nearly complete!

    1st draft nearly complete!

    I love butterflies. They are my favourite species, for their beauty and diversity but also their transformation. I find it surprising and a wonderful reminder of what we are like on this journey through life. I also think it is the same for creativity. It needs time go from a thought or a picture to […]

  • Today is my birthday.

    Today is my birthday.

    Today is my birthday and I have to be honest, I am a bag of mixed emotions. A part of me feels joyful and grateful that God has brought me to this point to celebrate another birthday. Apart of me feels sad as so much has changed this year and I am still struggling to […]

  • Some poems.

    Some poems.

    Here is some of my madness. A mixture of old and new work, that was hidden away and I swore that no one would ever see it. But I need to break that promise. Poem 1 Identity is slippery, Or it can be set like concrete. We get to pick choose what we put on […]

  • Political Activism.

    Political Activism.

    The world is changing and we are exposed more and more to the suffering that takes place in different parts of the world. It is no longer a matter of out of sight out of mind. The range of heart breaking circumstances from child exploitation to deaths of migrants at sea, can often leave me […]

  • BE BOLD!

    BE BOLD!

    It’s scary a thing to stand out from the crowd. To “play it safe” is a kind of death isn’t it? Not to take risks, means lost opportunities. To let fear cripple you, means never to experience life in all its fullness. It doesn’t mean we won’t fail, get burned, or feel disappointment or even […]

  • The Joy of Birthdays.

    The Joy of Birthdays.

    My eldest child Ben, turned six yesterday and it was amazing. It also happened to be an inset day for his school so we had him for the whole day to celebrate. For the first time we asked him what he would like to do for his birthday, instead of me orchestrating it. It was […]

  • Exercise- is it really good for me?

    Exercise- is it really good for me?

    I did some exercise today and it nearly killed me. I recently bought a zumba dvd and for those who know me know that I love a good dance on a night out, so I thought this would be a gentle way in to getting back into exercise during the day. I may have, one:underestimated […]