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Mother, Writer and Bookworm.

Political Activism.

The world is changing and we are exposed more and more to the suffering that takes place in different parts of the world. It is no longer a matter of out of sight out of mind. The range of heart breaking circumstances from child exploitation to deaths of migrants at sea, can often leave me…

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It’s scary a thing to stand out from the crowd. To “play it safe” is a kind of death isn’t it? Not to take risks, means lost opportunities. To let fear cripple you, means never to experience life in all its fullness. It doesn’t mean we won’t fail, get burned, or feel disappointment or even…

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The Joy of Birthdays.

My eldest child Ben, turned six yesterday and it was amazing. It also happened to be an inset day for his school so we had him for the whole day to celebrate. For the first time we asked him what he would like to do for his birthday, instead of me orchestrating it. It was…

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The Creative Life.

I don’t remember a time when I didn’t love words, reading or writing them. I get lost in my own world of characters and I have to be pulled back into the real world (sometimes begrudgingly). So I am in the process of getting those worlds onto paper. It is a roller coaster of an…

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Willing to be woven?

It was a question that hit my heart yesterday as I listened to the sermon. She (sorry I don’t know her name, it was my second time to this church) used the example of Ruth and Naomi and how Ruth was willing to follow Naomi and as a result, she became a part of Jesus’…

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Walking into the unknown.

  I thought I was good with change. I thought that it would be easy to let go of what was and step into the new thing. The only problem is that you go from the familiar into the unknown. It feels as though almost everything becomes a test and everything you thought you knew…

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