Fast Color: Review

Has any one seen this film? As I was scrolling through Netflix one evening trying to find something new to watch, this came up. I was intrigued as I am a fan of GuGu Mbatha-Raw already. I loved her in Belle. As I read the little intro I was a little shocked that super hero like film was focusing on Black women.

It was out in 2018 but only now have I heard about it or seen it. I don’t even remember any vague advertisements or any articles about it. (This may also be due to the fact that I am actually terrible at keeping up with the latest releases.)

This is my first film review – a bit off track as I mainly focus on books and life, but I felt that this film was worth the deviation.

Set in a dystopian landscape we meet Ruth (Gugu’s character) already on the run. Right from the beginning you can make all kinds of assumptions but you quickly come to realise that she is on the run from the government. The official that follows her is aware of her ability to cause earthquakes when she has seizures and this is quite literally, only the beginning. Ruth is making her way home to her mother Bo (Lorraine Toussaint) and her daughter Lila (Sanniya Sidney) who is being raised by her. They also have abilities but not quite like Ruth’s.

For me, this is a hidden gem. Intriguing and intense in all the right ways, it was a joy to see not 1 but 3 Black women be the main focus and depict the complexity of mother daughter relationships, as well as generational pain with the added mix of extraordinary abilities. I know, that was a mighty long sentence.

Throughout the film, you are led by Ruth’s emotional landscape that encompasses addiction, motherhood, family ties, and self realization. This film does not hold back but presses into the pain of grandmother, daughter and granddaughter. But also into the hope of the future and freedom of what it means to fully step out of the shadows.

I don’t want to spoil the end or anything, but I was left with more questions. In the good way not the kind where you feel like there are too many loop holes. The questions I was left with I feel, can only be answered with a sequel. Who is Simona? How many more are they of them? What is the full extent of the their powers? How will the knowledge of their existence impact on society? How powerful will Ruth and Lila grow to be? However, I also know that actually a sequel is not needed. The film in and of itself is a treasure trove of ideas, emotionally charged moments and beautifully filmed. One that I will keep going back to again and again. It was a totally convincing origin story and certainly fired my imagination for my stories and characters.

Stop watching what you usually watch and put this on!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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