She Dreams: A review

If you are reading this blog, then I suspect that you are like me in that if you enter a bookshop then you have to leave with something: a notebook, a pen, bookmark or several books depending on what your bank account allows. Maybe all of the above. This time, I decided to really treat myself regardless if my bank account allowed and I decided to get several books to help me on my walk in faith. For me, reading has been one of the primary ways I connect with God – through the bible, devotionals or lovely pinterest pins.

I found ‘She Dreams’ written by Tiffany Bluhm in a bookshop at Ashburnham place, during a weekend away camping with our church family- all socially distanced of course. What caught my eye was the simplicity of the title. The word dream can encapsulate so much and Tiffany Bluhm does delve into the hearts and minds of women everywhere. Acknowledging the different stages and experiences we carry, the highs, the lows and the in between. Tiffany connects us all with our shared desire to dream. She encourages us to dare to dream no matter where we are, that our dreams are unique to each one of us and God planted deep within us from start to finish.

Tiffany lovingly weaves together examples from scripture, especially Moses, her own story and the stories of others to encourages us to hold on, to lean on God and understand that no matter, what our dreams are important.

What I have found especially worthwhile is the practical aspect of our dreams and how they intersect into our everyday lives. Tiffany offers sound steps and advice to rejuvenate and kick start us back to daring to dream. It is very American, with chapter titles like ‘Haters gonna Hate’ and ‘Stop scrolling and Start rolling’ but this just adds to the tender and familiar voice she has. She knows what she is writing about and her encouragement was well timed for me.

‘She Dreams’ is worth the read to be refreshed and encouraged by truth, experience and our relationship to the ‘Dream Giver.’

“What I have found especially worthwhile is the practical aspect of our dreams and how they intersect into our everyday lives.”

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