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Family has been at the forefront of my mind recently. As I scrolled through my photos on my phone, I was touched by how quickly my children have changed over the course of this year. How much in fact they have grown up and so have we.

So I decided to share some of these photos with you.

This lockdown was the beginning of our homeschooling journey.It was certainly full of its ups and downs but I am so proud my children’s resilience. They certainly taught me a few things about taking things in your stride and doing your best no matter what. We celebrated Easter with a big lunch a ton of chocolate-a much needed break!

It has also been an opportunity for doing things we wouldn’t necessarily have thetime for creatively. Our kids church pastor created a family group and gave us lots of challenges that kept us entertained, hence the Lego Moses leading the people through the Red Sea cake.

We have really taken to exploring our local area and our dog Evie, has had some of the best walks in her life. It has given me a new appreciation for nature and the boys have really grown to love our daily walks. However, they are still kids and have their moments. There is a picture of my youngest having a strop.

We have also have had the chance to celebrate, as my partners granny turned 90 in May. As a family we put together a video of memories. The kids were asked to read some memories from her siblings and we thought it would be fun if we made them older. I am quite proud of my face painting skills!

The next two photos are quite important to me. The first is the first time where we protested as a family against racism. We sat on our front door instead of kneeling to reaffirm our place in the world as Black people. The second was taken to commemorate our anniversary of 13 years together.

In these last couple of months, as social distancing rules began to be relaxed, we began to reconnect with family; including meeting baby Oscar for the first time and all the cousins getting together.

Finally, the boys themselves. Both of them are growing up far too quickly for my liking but they are turning out to be lovely people. My eldest made his own bacon sandwhich one morning and both the boys are now baking on their own (under my partner’s watchful eye). Both are exercising their independence seeking muscles.

What photos have you taken that have really been significant during this time? Feel free to share in the comments section.


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