We have never known an Easter like this.

An Easter where we cannot gather together physically or have friends over to our home to celebrate this time of year. There is real fear and anxiety over the corona virus and its long term impact. We are all in the same situation but are facing different kinds of trials. There are the front line workers who are working tirelessly. There are those who are alone, those in high risk categories and families who are struggling. There has also been an explosion of compassion, of community spirit and humour. It is safe to say that we are living in unprecedented times.

Even so, Easter and the reason we celebrate remains unchanged and today is Good Friday. The day when Jesus died on the cross for us. This is where He paid the price in full for wayward humanity. The cross, the complete expression of the Father’s Love for us. To remember Jesus died for us so that we can have life. Today is about Love.

In John 16, Jesus is preparing his disciples for what is coming next: his crucifixion. He is gentle with his confused disciples, caring them through their lack of understanding and giving them hope for the future. He is preparing them how to live without his physical presence and telling them ahead of time that the Holy Spirit will be with them. This is still true today in this time of change, hardship and uncertainty. Lets take hold of the truth that we are loved. We are not alone and we have a living hope in Jesus.

Last week I was excited that Easter was so close, but this week I have struggled. I have felt overwhelmed with trying to keep up with the kids, house work and being housebound. It is tough to adhere to the advice that we must stay at home when all we want to do is go and explore. Even in the midst of this, I have been so grateful to be surrounded by my family, that the sun is shining and for the song that God brought to me, In Christ Alone. It has been an anchor, my song of praise and comfort during this week.

It is true that this Easter is one that we will remember for a long time, may it be significant for us all in new ways. As we celebrate at home, lets thank Him for his goodness, faithfulness and victory. Amen.

Happy Good Friday!





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