Finding my forever name.

eugene-zaycev-FT0sspZRF-I-unsplashWhat a long a long and winding road, it is to be a writer. First, there is the whole being creative and maintaining it conundrum. Then there is the ‘taking yourself seriously and believing in yourself’ trial. Next is the ‘trying new approaches’  phase.

It goes without saying that every dream is not without it’s ups and downs. I am currently out of the ‘trying new approaches’ phase, that saw me saw me change platforms and in building an online presence as part of my remaining creative; I experimented with social media and how to make use of it (I am not a fan but I can see how it is necessary). I have found what fits and what doesn’t. Which is a good thing but has taken me quite a while to pinpoint what I am actually trying to do and what I am actually willing to do.

One of the main things I found the hardest to tackle was my blog name and whether if I wanted to use a pseudonym for my writing and social media. I experimented with all sorts. Honestly, some the names I came up with got a little out there. I wanted it to be distinctive, yet  immediately understood. Original but not too cooky. My notebook is full of scratched out names.

My writing name I decided to keep it my own. I wanted to own each piece of work I had written and will write. It was a struggle to come to realise that actually I want my own name on my own work. Especially as I had actually had a pseudonym that I like very much.

However, what I didn’t anticipate was how much my blog name meant to me as well. My old blog name was Littlestepsoffaith, it was perfect at the time but it was always a temporary name. When I changed platforms I thought of this name but the direction I had taken didn’t quite fit either.

Part of the problem was that I felt like I had split my writing or tried to split myself into different categories-so this site is about encompassing all about writing, reading and living. In those three word is treasure trove topics, ideas and things to explore not only personally but as part of new outward looking approach. I came up with this name after I had left, but I found that I kept coming back to it again and again.

So this is the new site and my new name I hope you like it! If not, it’s ok, I like it anyway.


Image by Sophie Janotta from Pixabay

Photo by Eugene Zaycev on Unsplash

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