An Illustrated Advent Wreath: Product Review

I know that Christmas has come and gone and we are in the throws of the New Year, but I just wanted to say thank you to Illustrated Ministry for an amazing product.

Just before December, I started looking for ideas about what we could do to celebrate advent as a family and bring Jesus to the centre of our celebrations. After much browsing I still couldn’t find anything that wasn’t expensive or overly complicated, but an ad popped up on Facebook that caught my eye. It was Illustrated Ministry having a sale of and the Advent Wreath was one of them. Illustrated Ministry focus on providing high quality digital resources for families and for churches, once paid for it then emailed to you, ready to print and use.

The Advent Wreath was perfect! A colouring in activity that suited all of us and helped to bring us together doing something creative. Even my sister got involved when she came and stayed with us. It was truly a time to bond as a family. Each week we coloured in a different candle, that represented, Joy, Peace, Love and Hope, with a central candle that represented the light of Christ. It also came with a prayer to say with each candle and it was a great way to get the kids engaged and thinking about each candle.advent 3.3

Here is a picture of the final product, we stuck it on a piece of card, so that it wouldn’t blow away every time we opened the back door and put our names in the four corners.

It was lovely peaceful activity and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you Illustrated Ministry. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for more of your products.

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