Trying new things.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I cannot bake.

I genuinely cannot bake a simple a cake.

There are no if’s or but’s about this, I am an awful baker.

So bad in fact, that I tried to do baking with the boys when they were younger as a rainy day activity and the kids got so frustrated with me, they walked off. We decided that we would keeping baking in daddy’s department because he is an incredible baker.

I am a pretty good cook! Even if I do say so myself. Cooking for 30 people? No problem. Whip up a large meal for the family? Easy. Give me a days notice? Not a problem. So people are surprised to learn this fact about me, that I in fact, cannot bake. Not even a simple sponge cake. So really, I don’t have to worry. Between us, we have smashed out some amazing dinner parties, hosted family get together’s and our children’s birthday parties.

But one day, I was scrolling through pinterest (as you do) and I saw recipe for peanut butter cups. I was intrigued by these delicious looking treats. I was going to show it to Robin so that he can make them, because that’s what usually happens.

However, I was delighted to find out that there is actually no baking! It is what Robin calls, assembling ingredients. It’s all about using the fridge to chill things in stages.

I was feeling brave and I decided since it did not involve the oven, I would give it a go. My first attempt at making them was quite funny. I burnt the peanut butter in the microwave, didn’t have enough dark chocolate for the topping and several other clumsy mishaps as I tried to find where Robin keeps all his baking stuff.

But I kept going and at then end there were some peanut butter cups! I actually did it on my own (with a little guidance from Robin). Not as pretty as the ones on pinterest though. However, the true test was in the eating of course. I made Robin eat one first and he actually did that surprised, “mmm…” people do when they eat something unexpectedly delicious. Then I tried one and oh my word, they are amazing!

My only regret is that I didn’t take a photo.

But I have now done my second batch and this time, things went a lot smoother. I had enough dark chocolate, they were better assembled and I didn’t burn the peanut butter.

The kids love them too, so that makes me feel even more accomplished. My youngest, looked at me and asked in the shocked tone of voice that kids have, “You made this?”

I laughed but I also proudly stated, “yes, yes I did! It’s good to try new things.”

I did do something new, it was challenging, embarrassing, took me out of my comfort zone even though I was at home and it made my family laugh. It was worth it because those peanut butter cups are incredible!

Maybe one day, I might actually bake a cake?

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