The beauty of a park bench.

As I was walking through the park one summer’s evening with my family and puppy, IMG_20190905_175818_resized_20200103_063042428something caught my eye. It was this bench.

Nothing out of the ordinary right?

Take a closer look.

The only reason I saw it was because I had stopped for a moment with Ben to chat and the dappled evening sunlight, illuminated the writing. At first, it didn’t register, because my brain was expecting the usual message of dedication to a loved one who had passed on. The second time I read it though, the message truly touched my heart.

My mind exploded with the possibilities of what led to this unique inscription on a bench. Who is Sheri? Who took the time and money to do this touching note? What were the circumstances that led to this? So many stories swirled around my head, so I am going to try and write a short story based on this. I think it would be shameful if I didn’t at least try. Are they words of wisdom from parent to the child? Or a dear friend? Or someone trying to find a way to connect to someone who is no longer here? Or are they words simply meant to catch a passerby’s eye? Are they words, someone wished they had spoken?

What amazed me most was how much it actually meant to me. If I want to sing out, I should sing out. I must say that I definitely cannot sing, but to write is my version of that. I want to write the stories that live in my mind, I want to share with others my love of words. So maybe it does not have to do with anything with singing? Or it may have everything to do with it.

I am glad this simple inscription has caught my eye, it has sparked a movement of activity in my imagination. The stories that could be told are endless, and yet the real story will remain a secret to me. I think I like it that way.

I will be paying closer attention to park benches from now on, that’s for sure.

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