We got a puppy!

A the beginning of the summer holidays, we did something a little crazy. We got a puppy!

It was not a spare of the moment decision, we have talked about it for years, but we never felt the timing was right.

Especially for me, with two young boys and a cat already, I did not feel I could really enjoy a puppy. I particularly didn’t want to deal with anymore poo! I told my partner that we had to wait at least until the boys were competent toilet users (it’s still a bit hit and miss sometimes, but they are mostly there).

But there was another argument, what kind of dog we should get. Now that the kids are a little older, we wanted to include them in the discussion.

Our youngest Sam, just wanted a dog.

Our eldest, wanted a dalmatian. We winced at the high cost of such a desirable dog and we had to have explain that a dalmatian was out of our price range, but there were plenty of other dogs that needed a loving home. He accepted this gracefully but then told us when he is older he would buy one and we said with a big smile, “Go for it!”

My partner wanted a female dog.

I wanted a German Shepherd.

So, when my partner was looking at puppies for sale, he saw a litter of half dalmatian, half German shepherd puppies, his face lit up.

“Shall I call them?” He asked me.

I replied, “We should at least go and take a look at them.”

The thing was, we were actually away. My partner and I were staying at my mums’s because we were in London for ComicCon and our kids were staying with their other grandparents.

The puppies were not to far out of the way and we decided that this would make the perfect surprise. On way back from London, we took a detour. We were so excited as we drove to the farm! I couldn’t believe how nervous I was and as I saw the beautiful puppies I had to resist the urge to buy them all. But of course, there was one who stole our hearts. She had spotted paws, chest and chin and beautiful black coat. She was tiny and she was ours.

My partner and I will never forget how Ben burst into tears at the sight of her and Sam kept asking every three seconds if she was really ours.

There are moments in family life that us parents long to bring to our children. Moments of pure joy and deep family connection. Purposefully bringing something that delights every member of the family.

IMG-20190810-WA0004Now I must mention, that our equally beloved cat Tiger, who brought the same amount of joy three years ago was not equally impressed. But he has calmed down since her arrival, know that he knows he is not being replaced.

Now we are a family of six. Our puppy has made the summer holidays a summer to remember and treasure. The boys named her Evie.

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