1st year of work.

It has begun, my first step into the world of education.

I have just finished my first year as apprentice teaching assistant in a local primary school. I was split between a year one and year six class and it would be an understatement to say that at times, I felt a little overloaded. I had to learn fast and each day was different and challenging in so many ways.

My role is to support the teacher and learning with children and it’s a role that I truly enjoy. This is especially true because I am in a school that values its staff. That is not to say there aren’t any issues but it is genuine a team.

However, this year has been truly eye-opening. I have seen the true level of dedication teachers have, their frustrations and joys; and I have made sure that my own two are especially nice to their teachers. Not that they weren’t before, but now it is especially impressed upon them.

Working with young people and children feels so deeply enriching. I know that I am only at the beginning and those who have been working in education for many years are probably rolling their eyes at me and thinking, “Just wait.” But for now, I am happy with the choice I have made in going back to work and choosing education.

Now the six week holiday is here and boy, I am ready for the break.

Working full-time, family life and trying to be creative all at the same time is a new adventure for me. This summer holiday is all about reconnecting. I have felt guilty that I have not been around as much and I have missed a lot for my own two boys and their school life.

But the days are now so relaxed and chilled and I get to spend time with my kids in a way that has no pressure. We actually have time.

We can be lazy. Or we can go for a big day out. But most exciting of all…is that we have a puppy! Her name is Evie and we are all so in love. One of the best things at the moment is that when I tell the kids it’s time to walk the dog, no-one groans at me! They are actually excited to go. (I also know that we are the beginning of the summer holidays and we are all super happy to have a dog. This may all change by week 4, but for now it’s great.)

So this post is really to say, I hope you have a great summer holidays. Even when it gets tough and we count down the days till we can all ship them off back to school…oh wait…


Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

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