My sister, the serial killer.

The character’s main voice, Korede is simple and provides clarity to the twist and turns of her tight rope existence of being the elder sister of a serial killer, Ayoola.

What fun! I know that is strange to say, but it such an immersive story. I feel like I am there with Korede, in her family home, the hospital she works at, in the streets of Lagos. I am a witness to the strange family dynamic that is so compelling as well as traumatic.

I truly felt for Korede as she navigates the emotional burdens placed on her and I really wanted her to have a happy ending. But I quickly understood that this story isn’t about that, it is about family ties that bind and family history that haunts.

This is the first book I have bought from a bookstore in a really long time and I am so glad it was this book. Oyinkan Braithwaite imbues the sense of life into every page and I would highly recommend this book for a good summer read.

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