So much has happened in such little time.

I did not believe my mother when she told me that as you get older, time begins to slip through  your fingers and when you have kids, the years are so much shorter. Time flies, as they say.

Still, I can happily say, that I have begun my career in education. I am training to be a teaching assistant with the view of becoming a teacher later down the line.

I have got my red belt in kickboxing! And dropped a dress size in the process. Woo hoo!

I have finished my first ever book and have begun writing for an online publication.

My eldest has recently turned seven, my partner is enjoying his new work and my youngest has lost his baby chub and is now a little boy. My partner and I have just celebrated 11 years together and also 1 whole year in our new home in Hastings, both on the same day, August 2nd. We are close to a wider network of family and friends.

So much has changed, we have all changed. We have all grown in so many different and often times, unexpected ways. As a family, our journey was not typical, but it is beautiful.

However, I must tell the truth.

I did not think my life would be like this. If you had asked 18 year old Vanessa, she would say that she would be single, childless and living it up in the city by this point. That was the dream.

That dream had to be striped away because now I see, it was shallow. The more I have gone with Jesus the more of life I have gained and experienced.  The promise of life Jesus declares in John 10:10 (NLT):


So here I am, I think at the end of the roller coaster year of emotions and change, this blog has definitely helped me to go through it. It has been a record like my prayer diaries of how God has shaped and changed me through this time and of his faithfulness.

But it has been a while since I have been here front of my computer and thinking about my blog. Too be honest I am not really sure where it is going but to fair I think that has more to do with how my time has suddenly been filled up with so many different things. So here is my new challenge how to develop this blog and my other writing projects on a tighter time scale, how to keep serving in God’s kingdom, raising a family (I may also be planning a wedding), kickboxing and keep training to be a teaching assistant to eventually become a teacher.

This is where prayer comes in, no matter what plans I may have in my head it is the Lord who directs my steps; and I must always remember that God’s plan is drastically different to mine, but that does not mean I will lose out. As I have come to realize, God’s way is far more richer than I could possibly imagine. It is not without its challenges but faith and trust are key. But even when I fail, wobble, stumble and wonder away from Jesus, he always restores, comforts, lifts and draws me back to him.

potters hands


Every time I read this it reminds me of the truth that my life is in his hands and I pray that I would be led by him instead of going my own way.

If you have any ideas of what I should write on, I would be grateful to have them. Or any thing I should add or continue to do please let me know.

Thank you for joining me on my journey of little steps of faith!

Vanessa xx


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