God is Good.

There are moments in our walk with Jesus, when he just makes things so beautiful that you cannot help but look up to heaven and smile. When your heart is full of joy and there are literally no words to express what is it actually happening in your heart. The moment when all of the worry, pain, anxiety are stilled and erased because of his goodness.

I had one of those moments last week and a friend of mine suggested that I mark it, so I am going to do it with this post.

As you know, I started this blog a little after moving to our new home in a new a area and all of the emotional turbulence that comes with it. I struggled with trust and knowing that God is for me and that he hasn’t forgotten me. That this year was in fact my of rest, even thought it did not make much sense.

Now it makes sense. God was preparing me for the next phase, the new thing that he is and will be doing in my life.

I spent a lot of time figuring out what I wanted to do once my youngest was in school, and that search led to me considering a teaching career. However I did not want to jump right in and discover that it was not actually for me. So i began to look at other options and to test the waters so to speak. After a couple of experiences, I realised  that this was a strong possibility for me. I began the long slog of application forms. However, as any one can tell you, the process of looking for work can be quite hard and often times disappointing. It was hard but I ended up with an agency that would place me in schools as a supply staff. I thought this would be a great way to get a true idea and get paid at the same time. A couple of weeks a go I started my first ever position and I am loving it. I am booked into this particular school till half term.

However, back in march, I applied for a teaching assistant apprenticeship job. As I did not hear back from them I assumed I did not make the cut. I then saw the same position re advertised a month later, so I applied again. Last week Friday I went for the interview and that same afternoon, I found out that I got the job!

Now there are a couple of things that amazed me.

  1. The double blessing of work.
  2. God’s timing. I was concerned that I would have to leave my first position, but it turns out that I wont have to as I wont begin my apprenticeship until after half term after I have finished my first position.
  3. Previous commitments. My family have booked an incredible trip to Angola, Africa for me to meet  family that I haven’t seen since I was about one, I was worried that I would have to forgo this trip, but the school I will be going to is happy for me to continue with my plans even though i will be missing the last week of term before Christmas.

It is an answer to my prayers.

God has made things come together in a way that I could never have imagined. I am in awe of his goodness and faithfulness. All I can say is thank you Jesus, for being the shepherd of my life and always leading me through the rough bits and carrying me through my fears and showing me that you love me more than I could ever imagine.

Thank you Jesus, for all that you have done for me through this year, what you are doing  now and what you are about to do.

Psalm 23 has been close to my heart over these last couple of weeks and I would like you to read it as well, no matter what point we are on our journey with Jesus, whether we experiencing joy or feeling the resounding echo of silence or even in the depths of darkness we can know that Jesus is our shepherd.


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