1st Draft Complete

I can’t believe it, but I can say that my 1st draft it complete!

I also have to say that it also felt…anti-climatic.

Not that I expected fireworks or a band to jump out and sing to me. Or even a contract for a book deal to fall mysteriously into my lap. But there was a moment of silence, when I sat back in my chair and let out a huge sigh of relief. The struggle of commiting my story or at least the first part of it, to paper and then to the computer has ended. The essence of what I wanted to say is down and now I have to do the rewrite. I have to tell someone else the story that has been in my mind for so long. The people that seem so real to me and their words and actions that have even infiltrated my dreams.

It is a strange sort of feeling, I know I am done. There is at the moment no other words I wish to add or take away, obviously I know that will change when I go to read it again as Ernest Hemingway wonderfully reminds me, ernest

But still, I also feel accomplished, in the sense that I have done something that has contributed to my dream of being a writer. It might not be the story that makes me published, well known or make any money but I feel it is my baby. It is precious to me and the world that has long existed in my head could potentially be in someone else’s.

If you are wondering what I am writing, I am not going to tell you. It’s always an uncomfortable conversation trying to tell someone else what you are writing about because the whole point is that I have written it!

But it is done.

Oddly enough, there is so much freedom in my mind that other stories and other ideas have begun to take shape and form. New people have come to the forefront of my imagination demanding that I now tell their stories.

Writing is a peculier occupation, one where it is ok to have multiple voices in your head and different worlds exist simultaneously. To write them down is the only way to be free of them and through them I get to be more sure of who I am as a writer.

However, I will keep this pie chart in mind every time I come to the end of my 1st drafts:1st draft

How is your work going? Let me know what stage of writing you are at or level of frustration/elation you are in!



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