My 1st rejection

I think I have hit a milestone in my writing career, my first rejection email!

Now, I have to admit, it hurt. I may have even shed a little tear. However, it was quickly wiped away and my hurt was quickly replaced with a deeper desire to accomplish my goal of being published. I felt a stronger urge to keep writing and I am happy to report that I am now on my very last chapter of my book. It is still my first draft, so I am fully aware that there is still A LOT of work to be done.

But it is a dream and with dreams you can’t give up so easily. I have wrestled a lot with this dream and its one of those things that sticks with me even when common sense tells me it’s too risky.

There is also some progress, I have begun contributing to a local online platform and it has been challenging to write in a new way, particularly in article writing. I have been seeing where my strengths are and my weakness.  But it feels good to be flexing my writing muscles.

I am also coming up to an important time. My youngest will be going into full-time education in september and I am wondering if should start going back to work at least part-time and the fear is that if I do, then my writing will take a back seat again. I have enjoyed the momentum I have gained during this year, but practical needs like learning to drive and getting a car and being able to finance that  car, is also a priority for me.

I have lifted up what feels like conflicting desires to God, because I also miss working in the church. At the moment I can’t see what is ahead of me. I am waiting for God to give me a green light in the direction he wants me to go in and I do hope that writing has a part to play in it. But I also know that God loves to surprise his children with his will, jobs or ministries we never thought we would be doing but end up loving whole-heartedly.

I have to acknowledge that I am in a new season and with that brings new experiences, a new way forward and a chance to know God in a new way as well. My dream to write is something that is close to my heart and I know that God knows this.

But I also write in another way, prayer diaries. So far I have four, including my current one. It is a wonderful way to see God’s faithfulness and how much I have changed during my walk with God. When I am feeling low and hopeless, God often reminds me to look over them again and remind myself that he is near and I can trust in him. It particularly helps when I am jumbled up inside and I need to time to think about Jesus and his promises no matter what may be happening. For me, it’s a way of pouring out my heart to God and acknowledging that he is always good.

Do you keep a prayer diary? Or interested in starting one?

I would encourage you to start one, the prayers can be long or short, a way to record the words and scripture that God’s speaks or brings to mind and to study the bible. Like I have said before, it’s a wonderful way to see and experience God’s faithfulness.

I will let you know when I have finally finished my first draft and what happens next!

I will begin to post some poems and short stories soon and I hope you will enjoy them.


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