The Joy of Birthdays.

My eldest child Ben, turned six yesterday and it was amazing.

It also happened to be an inset day for his school so we had him for the whole day to celebrate. For the first time we asked him what he would like to do for his birthday, instead of me orchestrating it. It was in fact my partner who suggested that we ask him for his opinion and my heart did a little skip, he had his own thoughts and ideas that were completely different from what I wanted (I know, what a surprise eh?)

I listened to his response  and his face lit up as he said, “I want to go to PlayLand!” Playland is an arcade on the sea front, with games and coin machines with the chance to win little prizes. I was completely taken aback, I asked him, “are you sure?”

He said again in a much louder voice, “I WANT TO GO TO PLAYLAND!!!”

I said ok. His answer surprised my partner too and thankfully, we had a bag of coins in the car so we were ready to go. I wish you could have seen his little face as he ran around the arcade putting in two pence coins into anything that might give him a prize, he also loved collecting tickets that came out of the machines. It was the experience he wanted and he loved playing air hockey, jungle run and basket ball hoops and the highlight was that both my boys were able to win fidget spinners. An item that I had refused to buy them thousands of times before. So they were both feeling over the moon.

The day continued with a trip to Mc Donalds for lunch, grandparents came over with presents, birthday dinner of hotdogs and macaroni and cheese, chocolate and vanilla cake and last of all sparklers in the back garden.

Through out the day he kept saying that “This was the best day ever!” His big smile was this mother’s joy.

When it was time to put him to bed, I was sad that the day was over so quickly. We had a quick prayer just to give thanks for Ben’s birthday and for amazing weather for November.

It was incredible that six years had passed already and I couldn’t help but remember when the boy was a baby, so small and I awestruck. He is a blessing, my blessing and when he was finally asleep I went back into his room to see his face again and I place my hand on his head and simply prayed, “Lord, Bless this child.” I saw my future in the faces of my two boys sleeping in their bunk beds and I gave thanks that God gave me these precious boys.

I have found that all the hardships, troubles, and frustrations that can come with parenting melts away on the birthdays of both of my children. I remember that it is a blessing to have a child and how God has carried me through the years. It is a marker, a reminder and a chance to regain that joy that can sometimes slip easily through my finger tips (especially on laundry days), how the chance to celebrate refreshes my outlook on being a mother. I love being a mum and I have to admit I am an anxious mother, I fret and worry over things that I know that I shouldn’t and over things that I literally have no control over. My partner is always telling me to relax, he doesn’t understand how frustrating it is to be told to relax because I do the opposite. However, God says to trust him. That he has them in the palm of their hands.

So, I take a deep breath, give God thanks and ask for the strength to be the parent that they need and as they continue to grow, have thoughts of their own and the growing ability to express them, to be gentle and guide them. I know however, I will fail at times, that I will fall short and I am SOOO thankful that our father in heaven will not fail them and for them to experience his love for themselves.

As much as I loved them both as babies, what a privilege to watch them grow and be their mother! Thank you God for the joy of birthdays!

But I have set the picture of him in my arms as a baby because no matter big he gets he will always be my baby!


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